Do you find yourself looking at Facebook, Instagram or Twitter thinking why can't my life be like theirs? With our increasingly hectic lives, it's understandable and can feel challenging at times. Challenges can stem from specific life events, developmental transitions, pregnancy, parenting, loss, trauma, feeling disconnected from others, work/academic pressures and/or everyday kinds of stress. It's no wonder that things like anxiety, negative thoughts and depression can begin to creep in. At Stonewater Wellness Center we understand these challenges and can help.

At Stonewater Wellness Center we believe that with a solid foundation you can grow to find stability, balance and peace. Stonewater Wellness Center designed a logo to include rock cairn, which represents a directional marker, life's paths, balance and stability.  The water drop was chosen to symbolize life, growth and change.  Our therapists help each client to find balance and path in life that feels stable, hopeful and peaceful.

Don't let fear or shame hold you back from making changes in your life. We have helped clients find ways to manage life's challenges, find balance in their lives, feel joy again and fulfill their goals. Give us a call or send an email to find out more information.

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